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    Yorkshire Dales March 2013
  A brief description

Distance = Mixture of short walks and driving
Route = Paths, roads, forest tracks
Start / End = N/A
Weather = Sunny

After trying to decide where to go exploring for a local visit, a last minute decision was made to go up to the Yorkshire Dales. This log involves some driving and some short walks to see some of the mining and industrial remains in Yorkshire Dales around Swalesdale & Wensleydale. The usual fairly early start meant we arrived at our first site; Hurst Mines (NZ045022) shortly after sunrise on what was looking like some lovelly spring sunshine. The site comprised a few nice features, including two standing chimney; one square and one round along with a number of shaft mounds and features, some small ruinded buildings and wall and the foundations of an engine house and flue. A fairly impressive start to our first visit to the Yorkshire Dales, and after a while looking around and taking some photos, we headed off to the next site. Only a few hundred metres away we parked the car and headed down the path along Shaw Beck, to the site of Pyres Mine (NZ066025) and Smelting Mill (NZ068027). The site at Pyres was another nice surprise, the first building which came in to view was the mine shop located above the site of the Horse / Tram level adjacent some foundations of a building. The lines of the tramways from this level could easily been seen, one heading along the valley to a tipping area; and one across a nice bridge over the beck to the smelting mill area. The mill area encompasses a nice set of bouseteems (ore hoppers) along with substantial remains of the smelting mill itself, and other associated building.

Leaving Pyres Mine and Smelter, we headed back the way we came to the car; from where we drove the short distance to just above the Marrick Low and High Mills. Taking the footpath from the road which heads past the mills site, we got some nice views of the Low Mill (SE079994) and High Mill (SE078995), with the site of the Peat Stores visible beyond the High Mill (SE076995). After taking some photos we returned to the car, ready to make our way to the next site.

Arriving at the small car park above the site of Surrender Smelt Mill (NY991001), the sun was shining, the sky was a lovelly blue giving some nice reflections in the river water. From the car park, were some fine views of Surrender, after taking a couple of photos, we crossed over the bridge and took the short path to the site of the smelter mill and associated buildings. Taking the path back to the road, we took the track heading along the valley; after 10 minutes or so, the site of Old Gang (New) Smelter (NY974005) came in to view. A very impressive site comprising numerous ruined buildings for the smelting mill complex. We took a while having a good look around, taking plenty of photos of various features. Heading a little further up the valley we noted two obvious old levels, the first being Spence Level (NY972006), and the second being Hard Level (NY968010). From here we both made the short climb up the hill side to the site of the peat stores, and also getting some good views of the mill site below. Prior to leaving the site, we crossed the stream to have a look at the building remains on the other side of the valley, adjacent to this we also saw the site of Knotts Level (NY975004).

After returning to the car we headed the shortish distance northward to have a look at the remains of Langhtwaite (New / CB) Mill (NY996034); the site includes a standing wall above the wheel pit, a collapsed flue and a number of leat channels. On the other side of the road and below the new mill was the site of the old Octagon Mill (NY995036), a little further down the road is the odd octagon shaped powder house. There was a fair drive, before reaching our next site of Grinton (How) Smelter Mill (SE049964), with intact buildings and some good features seen inside. The sun was starting to get low on this lovelly spring day, so after a good but brief visit to Grinton, we set off for a longish journey to our next site, which was on the way home. Arriving at Cononley Mine (SD980461) with the sun almost set, we had just enough time to have a quick tour of the site and snap a few photos.

A great spring day, some excellent sunshine all day made visit some quality sites all the better. Thanks to ICLOK.

    South Yorkshire & North Notts/Derbys March 2013
  A brief description

Distance = Mixture of short walks and driving
Route = Paths, roads
Start / End = N/A
Weather = Sunny intervals

This log involves some driving and some short walks to see some of the mining and industrial remains in Yorkshire & North Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire.