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    Devon and Cornwall Mining Visit October 2013
  Day 3 of 3

Route = Short walks and driving
Start / End = N/A
Weather = Sunny intervals

After checking out of the hotel and having had breakfast, we set off the short distance to our first mine. The first few are part of the Dolcoath Mines, the fist of visited was Stray Park (SW654399) engine house on Park Lane, Camborne. The second site was Harriets Engine house and Miners Dry (SW657401), the third/forth was New East Engine House and adjacent compressor house and other buildings (SW660404). After some of the Dolcoath Mines, the next sites were Robinsons Shaft (now an enterprise park/museum) (SW667413) and South Croft Mine (SW663410), parts of the surface buildings were being demolished. From South Crofty, we headed over to Cooks Kitchen (SW665406) engine houses, which at the time were being restored. Continuing ur journey of sites in the area, we headed back to the sites of East Pool Mine (SW672415) and East Pool & Agar Limited Mine (SW674418) to get some daytime photos.

Heading south out of Pool and Camborne, we got to our next site; another part of Dolcoath - the Williams shaft and compressor house (SW661399). After Williams, our next few sites were a mixture of Condurrow and Grenville mines; the first of which was Great Condurrow (SW660392) Woolf's pumping engine house. The next was Wheal Grenville mine (SW668389) and the winding and pumping engine houses for Fortescues Shaft. Albeit an odd route, the next site was South Condurrow (SW660385) Marshall's Pumping Engine House and Winding Engine House. After South Condurrow, the next site was the stamps engine house and dressing floors for Wheal Grenville (SW666386). The final site to visit in this set was the museum of King Edward Mine; although closed at the time of the visit we took some photos from outside.

Next on the agenda were the sites at Carnkie, although we had both previously visited the ones around South Wheal Frances, hence we bypassed these and arrived at Wheal Basset Stamps (SW691398) with a number of excellent remains including crusher engine house and mill buildings. From the hillside, we got some good view of West Wheal Basset (SW688401) site across the valley and Wheal Uny (SW694408) engine houses in the distance. Leaving Wheal Basset we headed across the valley, parking the car at Lyles Shaft (SW688400) site with Pumping, Winding and Crusher Engine Houses. Up the hillside, we made a short stop of West Wheal Basset Stamps (SW688402) with crusher engine house, stamps and ore dressing. The last site to visit in this set, was to look at the few remains of Seleggan Smelting Mill (SW695401).

Leaving Seleggan, we headed westerley for a while to our next site of Trevoole (SW640373); the nice engine house is part of a residential property and is likely to be restored in the future. The next site was also a short drive; heading south we arrived at the Nancegollan engine house (SW640324), this one in the middle of a field. After Nancegollan, the next engine house of Wheal Metal & Flow (SW622295) involved a drive along some narrow county tracks, if sufficient time, walking would be better. Wheal Metal (SW629298) was the next site, visible from the road, this engine house is also on private property; the owners were trying to get permission to restore the building. After finishing out conversation with the owners at Wheal Metal, we headed to our next site; a roadside engine house of Great Work (SW596308), accessible from a small car park; the chimney is stepped.

Leaving Great Work, all the rest of the sites were on the way heading back home. The next site was to the northeast of Helston, it was Wheal Trumper Consols (SW678304). With remains of the pumping engine house (Wheal Ann section) and whim engine house (Wheal Dream section) to the west. The next site of the list was Basset & Grylls (SW692331) with the 1920's mill and power house; some supports for the elevated tramway; and Tyack's Pumping engine house. The final mine in the area was Wheal Enys stamps engine house (SW691336), a renovated residential property, although visible from the lane. The weather was starting to turn, and we had time for one last site, we decided to have a look at Carnon Stream Mine (SW804388), an odd and unexpected survivor consisting of the bob wall of an early engine house of unknown type on the estuary.

Shortly after Carnon, we got some food and the rainstorm came, an apt chance to make the journey home.

An excellent three days, many thanks to ICLOK for the driving and preparation of mine sites.