UK Mining Walks & Visits Log


    Poynton Mining Walk May 2012
  A Brief Description

Distance = 16km
Route = Paths and minor roads
Start / End = Nelson Pit Car Park (SJ944833)
Weather = Sunny and hot

After being invited to go on a walk around some the Poynton area coal mines me and a fellow explorer headed across the Peak District in to Cheshire to meet up with our guide for the walk. Arriving in the car park at the former Nelson Pit and only a few minutes late we prepared for part one of a figure of 8 route passing the car park at the half way stage. It was only 9:30 and it was already hot.

Leaving the car park we took the lane over the canal then took the track to the site of Venture Pit and engine house (SJ947831), continuing past the site we took the path left at Hilltop farm and after a short distance and next to the modern reservoir we came to an unusual feature. It was a gas holder which was moved and rebuilt as a water reservoir (SJ949832). After view this we then turned and went back past the engine house taking the path on the left. After a few hundred metres we came to the site of some spoil mounds (SJ948829) including Adventure Pit (shaft and gin circle) and Hedge Pit in the field opposite; adventure pit spoil mound is probably the mound on the other side of the field boundary to the shaft. From here we took the path heading southwest back towards the canal; just prior to the canal is a small enclosure around Hempy Bank Pit (SJ946826). Turning left along the path we soon came to the site of Redacre Pit (SJ946824) with spoil mound, engine blocks and possible flue.

Taking a short detour up the hill we came across an interesting area of old pits and some raised trackways, returning back to the canal and to the side of the footbridge are the remains of a swing bridge. We crossed the canal here and continued our journey along the side of the canal, en-route to Adlington Basin we saw two notable shaft mounds on the other side of the canal (SJ943817 & SJ940817). Opposite the basin and on the right side of the hedge is the remains of a tramway embankment and bridge pier (SJ938817) of the tramway from Kingfield Pit. From the bridge over the canal we saw another shaft mound (SJ937815); however our route took us back the over way to Wood Lane and past the Miners Arms. Just after the pub we turned left along the path (old tramway) to the large spoil mound of Kingfield Pit (SJ935819). From here we continued along the path towards Wardend, however before reaching the road we reached a some cobbled sections of old track (SJ931821) leading to Kingfield Pit.

The next section of the walk took us along the road past the spoil mound of Accommodation Deep Pit (SJ930824) and just before Hockley is the Waterloo engine house (SJ932830). The weather was still sun and hot and we were getting ready for a break; however whilst heading back to the car park at Nelson Pit we took a short detour to have a look at the remains of Quarry Pit (SJ936835) which include part of the later engine house between the road and old railway. After looking at this site we headed east along Anson Road past the Anson Museum (SJ941835) and relieved to get some refreshments back at the car.

After lunch we continued our journey by following the canal northward and after a few minutes along the canal we came to the site of Canal (Poynton) Pit (SJ948839) which comprises the extensive remains of the winding and pumping engine house; the pit is also located on the railway which ran from the other side of the canal to Prince’s Incline. After having a good look and taking some photos we continued along the canal and soon came to see some remains of Middlecale Canal Pit (SJ950842) on the far side of the canal, a little further and we came to the point where a branch of the Middlecale Pit tramway crossed over the canal (SJ951843). The path heading northwest from the bridge follows the part of this tramway. We continued along the path by the canal, crossed over the railway and after a few minutes reached an arm of the canal which went to the canal warehouse (SJ949853). This branch of the canal also includes some boat homes, we followed the path alongside the section of canal which has been filled with colliery spoil from High Lane Drift Mine. We worked out way along the paths through the woods to Middlewood Station then to Middlewood Road where we crossed the road and headed up the hill. Adjacent to the footpath were some shaft mounds relating to the House of Correction Pits (SJ942848).

Following the path we soon reached New House Farm - some nice old stone built farm buildings (SJ941845); from the farm we headed along the path northward then southeast past some old pits (SJ938846) visible as shaft mounds. The path eventually led us in to Prince’s Wood where there are a number of old railways and engine pond and Albert Pit (SJ937841). The path here is along the obvious route of a railway from Prince’s Incline; instead of following this we took the path along the old railway (and incline) which went to the coal yard on Stockport Road. From this path we got a good view of Towers Yard (SJ929840) which includes a number of restored buildings including the mines office alongside the railway. From Towers Yard we made our way through the houses to Lady’s Incline where a formation of bricks depicts the remains of the top of the incline (SJ928836) after some discussions about how it worked we turned southeast along the railway and headed to the site of Lady Pit (SJ931834) where the dual winding house (later pumping house) and the capstan engine house are in use). Next to Lady Pit are some stone remains of the railway / tramway bridge across the road. From Lady Pit we continued northeast along the road passing the old colliery houses of Petre Bank (SJ933836). Just past Petre Bank are some remains of the railway bridge which crossed over at the junction of Middlewood and Anson Roads (SJ934836). We were nearer the end of a hot day and tiring walk and taking Anson Road back to the car park we pass the site of Clough Pit with a shaft mound in the garden of an interesting looking Worth Cottage (SJ935836).

An excellent walk on a hot sunny day with some good fellow explorers to whom I am thankful for such a good visit.

Waterloo Pit