UK Mining Walks & Visits Log



Site access and site safety.

Please note and observe the following comments regarding mine exploring

1. I do not imply that there is any access to any site shown or mentioned on this website, some of the sites are publically accessible and some are not. Neither do I imply that access to any of the sites may be granted by the land owner. The reports on this site are designed to show journals of my personal site visits and experiences; these are not meant to be or intended to be guided walks or visits etc although you are welcome to use these reports for preparing your own such visits. Please also make note that any access in to mine entries and or undergound sections of mines may be trespass; hence access arrangements may be required. Underground mine exploring is something I generally do not undertaken, hence if you choose to go underground then it is up to you to find out any relevant information prior to going.

2. Mining sites are dangerous, even those within public access or adjacent to public rights of way are dangerous. Some of the dangers around such sites are similiar to those for walking across any rough ground or overgrown areas, however additional hazards also exist including (but not exclusively) mine entries which may be open or collapsed or in other such dangerous states; substances relating to mining and mining related processes can also be dangerous; hazardous fluids can also be given out of or emerge from any mine entry or similiar structure; often the sites have upstanding or partially collapsed structures which should be approached with care as masonary etc may fall, some of the features may be buried or part buried hence care should be taken as not to injure yourself on such. Prior to exploring any such site it is up to you to make sure you are aware and you are prepared for any and all such dangers which you may face, exploring can be fun if done safely.

3. Be safe and be sensible, please make sure you are appropiately equipped and dressed for exploring, if alone then make sure some one else knows where you are going and what time you are going to return from exploring and they should know what to do if you do not reutrn.

4. Although the logs are walks and visits I have done myself, I can not guarantee these routes are safe. Some of the paths may be steep, rough or slippery, whilst some of the routes utilise roads and country lanes which pose different dangers from other road users and traffic. If out exploring then it is up to you to take appropiate precautions such as your own fitness, knowing your own limitations, using appropiate and adequate equipment, and walking and road safety.

5. Whilst out exploring you should abide by any by-laws or laws or any other such regulations. It is up to you (not me) to know what laws apply to you.

6. By entering this website and using any information thereof, you accept that you are responsible and liable for you own actions at all times and you will not hold this site (ukminingwalks) responsible for any actions which may lead to legal proceedings, injury, death, any damage to property or any other loses.

7. Any information on this website may not necessarily be acurate or correct and is liable to changes.

General Internet

1. Please note that any links to any external websites or web pages or downloads or other such are out of the control of this website and are not affiliated with this web site. Where possible I have veryfied the links work correctly, however please note you access these or any other website at your own risk and you should take any appropiate cautions

Finally ,enjoy exploring and enjoy it safely