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Created 4th Sept 2011

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UK Mining Walks, Visits & Trails Intro & Bio


My name is Lee, commonly known on some mine explorer sites as LeeW. I have been interested in mining remains and other such industrial archeological features since being a teenager. My passion started whilst out walking in the Peak District and I was fasicnated with the old remains of mines including Ecton, Magpie and mines of Lathkilldale.

My career and hobby has taken me to a number of mining sites spread throughout the UK of which I am still expanding my list of places visited and those to visit.

I generally like looking for and unearthing hidden remains at the surface as opposed to underground exploring.

After going around exploring some sites and some fine visits with fellow explorers a list started to develop of sites which some of the remains are partially buried and overgrown, thus we hope to clear and clean up some of these more hidden sites to undertake more details surveys of any remains.

This site is designed to give a journal blog type commentary on my more recent mining walks, minging trials and mining visits of some of the UK surface mining remains and related industrial heritage surrounding old abandoned mines in the UK. For the time being this site will be predominantly my Peak District Mining Walks (White Peak Mining Walks) along with some coal mining walks to the coal mine remains in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire with some trips reports for mining remains in Cornwall and Scotland

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PS Please bear with me while I input and add the back history of walks, photos and maps.

Also my thanks to ICLOK for the UK Mining Walks logo

Visit logs to be added: Leics / Warks Coal Mines; South Yorks/Notts Coal Mines; Portland Tramway; Youlgreave/Alport; Matlock; Cossall Coal; Axe Edge (Buxton) Coal

Future Visits: South Wales Coal; North Wales2; Lancs Coal; Scotland Coal; South West Coal; Roaches Coal; Wessington Coal; Cumbria Iron